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We are an electrical remanufacturing company focused on rebuilding and repairing starters, alternators, generators, battery chargers and AC & DC electric motors.

Below you will find a few of the units we can rebuild and repair.


Not sure your alternator works?

We'll test it free of charge.


We can work on any type of alternator from industrial, import, marine or domestic.

We have all the propper testing equipment to load test your alternators, and can show you a live feed of how your alternator is working under stress conditions.





Need to replace your starter?

We can rebuild your original starter.


We recomend you keep your original unit instead of replacing it with an aftermarket, simply because most aftermarket units are not built as tough and precise as an original starter.

If you're not sure your starter is the problem we can test and check the components inside, free of charge.

Electric DC&AC Motors

We can test and rebuild electrict motors for construction equipment, compressors, winch motors of any voltage AC or DC.




Have a generator that doesn't work?

We have the experience to work on generators of all types, sizes, and voltages.




Fabco Generators

Have a fabco generator with no output?

We have many years of experience working with fabco generators, we can test and determine what is holding these generators from outputing power.



Battery Chargers

Got a bettery charger that doesn't charge?

We can check and determine what's the problem with your charger.

We can work on golf cart battery charges as well as most charging systems.



Hydraulic Cylinders

got a leaky hydraulic cylinder?

We have the tools and know how to replace seals on hydraulic cylinders to prevent it from leaking fluid.



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